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My name is Sparkles, and I am a fire safety
dog from Clarksville, Arkansas. I love helping
firefighters teach fire safety!

My tail is wagging I am so excited that we can
learn about fire safety together!

There are lots of fun things for you to do on my website.

Are you ready to have fun?

Let's learn more about fire safety!
Thank you to all of the boys and girls that
have sent in their cards to Sparkles!
loves getting mail!

Send your note to Sparkles at:
Sparkles the Fire Safety  Dog
106 E. Poplar Street
Clarksville, Arkansas  72830
Ask a Firefighter
"Ask a Firefighter" is brand new! Sparkles invites
children to ask a question. A real live firefighter
from across the country will answer their question!
We want to hear from you! If Sparkles the
Fire Safety Dog or Firefighter Dayna®  
materials helped save the life of someone
in a fire-related situation, please

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Sparkles supports the
Do you have an escape map? It is important to have an
escape map and to practice your home fire drill twice a

If you have an escape map, that's GREAT! Give
yourself a pat on the back.

If not, please ask the folks that you live with to help
you make one. It is super important to have a plan!

To learn more about making a plan, visit my
Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog just loves
to get pictures from
boys and girls! To
see more artwork,
visit her special page
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below to watch
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles and
Spanner on FOX
and Friends.
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles the Fire Safety
Dog and Spanner in
New York City on
FOX and Friends.
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
on PBS KIDS Sprout
Sparkles' Picture
on Times Square
in New York City
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and Firefighter Dayna
helped teach fire safety  during Fire Prevention
Week 2006 and 2009 on PBS KIDS Sprout, the first
24-hour pre- school television network.
As seen on the
24-hour preschool
television network

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to learn more
Learn all about Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog on "Working Like
Dogs" on Pet Life Radio.
A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Cesar Millan and everyone at
Cesar’s Way Magazine for sharing Sparkles’ story in a three
page spread in the July 2010 issue. Sparkles and I are so
very honored and excited! The icing on the cake, is that Mr.
Millan's magazine includes fire safety tips, and this means
more to Sparkles and me more than anything. Helping save
the lives of children and their caregivers, reducing injuries
and decreasing property loss from fire, that is our mission.
Every fiber of our being is dedicated to helping keep
everyone safe!

Sparkles and I would like to share a very special thank you
with Rick Markham, the writer of Sparkles’ inspirational story.
Rick, we appreciate you more than you know and we
enjoyed the whole experience so very much!

Firefighter Dayna and Sparkles
Welcome to my website.
I am so excited that you are here!
Sparkles' Safety Spot
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Sparkles' Safety Spot